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Rising from the Southwest, Codex Alimentarius formed in 2009 and within a short time had gained a loyal fan base. Codex have taken a hold of the local music scene and earned high regard from venues, labels and the media; nationally and internationally since hitting the live circuit in September 2010.

Codex originally formed as a four piece with former vocalist Stephen Bending, Stan Kemble and Tim Wright on guitars and Andrew Dicker on bass – Bringing Elliott Alderman-Broom in as a third guitarist and Frank Dennis on drums in April 2011, finishing the line-up. Together they set about crafting an Individual style fusing melodic and brutal metal and after headline sets and sell out shows at venues in their local area alongside the release of their debut EP 'The Infinite Growth Paradigm Vs Finite Resources'; The bands epic masterpiece 'Baptised' from their debut release was made available for the internationally acclaimed Xbox and PS3 game 'Rock Band 3' in February 2012 - as well as touring with death metal legends Vader and Krisiun in June 2011, co-headling the 'Crushing The South Tour' with Furyborn in September 2011, along with supporting: Sonic Syndicate (2010), Malefice (2011), Saturnian (2011), The Defiled (2011), Evile (2012), Romeo Must Die (2012), Revolker (2012), Ted Maul (2012), Bleed From Within (2013), Enemy Reign (2013) and Demonic Ressurection (2014). Codex have also had the honour of playing festivals such as: Home Town Heroes (2011), The Real Devon Rocks (2011), The Zombie Ball, Exeter (2011), The Real Devon Rocks 2 (2012), The Zombie Ball, Exeter (2013), Apres Noir Festival (2014), Frankfest (2015), Incineration Festival (2015), Hard N Heavy Festival (2015) & Bloodstock (2015).

Currently working on their new album release, Codex are bringing a new age of more bone crushing, brutal style of metal driven by a groove/thrash/classical Infusion to the underground with great ovation, leaving the crowd hungry for more! As shown on the 'From Hell To Oblivion UK Tour 2013' with American death metallers 'Enemy Reign' and the debut music video 'The Hand of Apophis | Part 1 - Trajectory' - Codex promises a powerful and energetic stage performance with a no-holds-barred attitude, backed up by a hunger to strive forwards with their eyes always set on dominating the UK and International Metal scene.


Live Reviews:

Beermageddon 2015 - 10/10 - efestivals

Beermageddon 2015 - "Still unfathomably fast and uncommonly tight, the band rattled through their longer set with so much energy that it seemed they had no sooner taken to the stage than left it again. You are taken on a wild journey during a CA set, alternately fawning over the intricate dual lead guitar work and staggering under the punch-in-the-gut vocals underpinned by confident rhythm guitar and bass where most would just give up." - OneMetal.com

Beermageddon 2015 - "this band gave a Sunday sermon in groove metal to wake the dead." - Midlands Metal Heads

Bloodstock 2015 - "A huge mammoth sound of groove / symphonic hybrid style metal, tinged with death overtones pours from the house PA as Codex Alimentarius (4.5 /5) open up their performance. Vocalist Ray, looks menacing and almost possessed, as he directs his four colleagues through a thirty minute set to a steadily growing crowd. Their sound is unpredictable, cleaver and grabs the listener from the start." - Overdrive

Bloodstock 2015 - (4.5/5)"Codex Alimentarius are basically talent hoarders, with more virtuosic musicians than most bands can claim any right to. In stark contrast to other bands who have attempted this, none of that talent is wasted. Their three-guitar line-up is well-balanced, with one rhythm and dual leads creating a rich tapestry of sound, and none of them ever seem to miss a beat. Every one of the six members seems to find their space and sound on the stage, proving that they are ready to take on still bigger stages and enthral bigger audiences. The music is contemporary melodic death metal blended with a little metalcore and a healthy dose of progressive songcraft which sounds huge!" - OneMetal.com

Incineration Festival - "Having started in a more At The Gates, melodeath style, Codex Alimentarius have slowly assimilated the values of traditional death metal, thus becoming rather heavy in the process. There's still plenty of melody, soloing and atmospheric bursts of keyboard, mind – it's just presented in such a way that feels like having your intestines pulled out with tweezers" - Metal Hammer

CD Reviews:

The Hand Of Apophis - (4/5) "The Hand Of Apophis is well polished, skull crushingly heavy, and as tight as a gnats lady parts. The Exeter six piece, having already toured with the likes of Vader and Krisiun, seem well on their way to smashing through that glass ceiling, and doing so with the force of two planets colliding, I simply can't fault this except for one thing, by the time you've properly gotten a feel for it, it's over, but that's just me being picky, rest assured, the EP is rock solid." - Metal Rules

The Hand Of Apophis - "In summary I see this EP as a massive success. Progressing from the last EP, it is clear that the band has grown closer and has matured within its writing style and production. It is great to see a local band progress in such a way and produce an EP that is on par with some of the best in the genre. If you haven't heard it already then I would advise you to take a listen now. You will be hearing a lot more from these guys I'm sure." - Devils Gate Media

The Hand Of Apophis - (70/100) "Excellent solos finally pierce the piece in several places, revealing the orchestral with natural brutality and melody of Codex Alimentarius. What a discovery! " - The Pit Of the Damned

The Infinite Growth paradigm Verse Finite Resources - "Codex Alimentarius define themselves as Metal on their FB page, but I think they're underselling themselves. There are so many different elements here that I disagree it's just 'metal'. The band display their musical ability throughout the two tracks here, 4th Reich especially showing off their musical prowess. Listen to the track and see who you hear in their music – I could run off a list but I don't want to be accused of influencing anyone. To put it simply – check this band out as I imagine that they're going to get bigger and bigger from here onwards, this music is quite simply awesome! " - Loud Stuff

The Infinite Growth paradigm Verse Finite Resources - "Spread the word...this is "The New Music Revolution"! Really liked your track 'Good Slaves'; like the lyrical idea behind the song, and the brutal delivery. You have a good powerful sound - good thrash/death metal is hard to come by at the moment, so keep it up! Keep it metal... " - Amazing Radio

The Infinite Growth paradigm Verse Finite Resources - "Codex Alimentarius deliver death metal with melodic sensibilities familiar to fans of Scandinavian metal, while incorporating brutal breakdowns and gut-wrenching vocals." - Alexi Front - Pivotal Rockordings

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